Military April 25, 2023

It is time for PCS Season

If you are Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, or Retired/Veteran, you know that PCS season is here and will only continue through summer.   RIPS and Orders will be arriving and that can be associated with challenging timelines, excitement, and STRESS! Let me help you get set up for SUCCESS!

Buy, Sell, Rent? 

Whether you are moving into or out of the area, you have the tough decision to make about buying, selling, or renting your home. It’s important to consider your goals.  For example, if you will only be stationed here for 1 year never to return to the area again, then renting might not be a bad option, however, if you are looking to invest, whether starting or expanding your portfolio, this would be a great area to purchase and rent your property while stationed elsewhere.  Now, if you think you’ll be stationed here for 2 or more years, come back to the area, or even retire here, even better to purchase!   In our case, we purchased our first home in Fort Walton Beach 21 years ago and rented it out while stationed elsewhere (RAF Mildenhall, Pope AAF, and Randolph AFB) then came back to Hurlburt (11 moves later) and updated our home a bit and sold it for an amazing profit!  We then bought our dream home in Niceville where we currently live and Ben retired from the Air Force (CCT).

Living the dream 

Now we both work in real estate and our children go to great schools, we have a huge yard for our dogs, and a pool to cool off from the heat of summer.  It’s amazing what goals we could accomplish with the right investment strategy and we were 1st term Airman purchasing a home because we didn’t want to pay rent prices! Little did we know that our entire future would be set up for success with that investment. You can live your dream, too.

Next Steps for Sellers

If you purchased a home here-  capitalize on the current market, we NEED to talk!  My sellers are very pleased ( fb or google Jen Hannigan Coldwell Banker to read reviews)…..I have an amazing marketing campaign…I’ve literally gotten all of my recent listings under contract in less than 2 weeks!  I don’t want my sellers have to constantly show their properties, deal with lowball offers, or have the stress of their home not selling…I will take care of everything and set you up for success.  PCS Season is full of it’s own challenges and unknowns….let me take care of navigating the purchase or sale of your home.  It’s what I do….and I love it! Call me so I van get started on your market analysis…let me know if you’d like a complimentary pre-listing inspection with a licensed home inspector…yes, I include that for my sellers…we want to be prepared!  I’ll also share my custom marketing plan for your property, nothing but the best professional photography, brochures, mailers, videos, and social media advertising.

Next Steps for Buyers

Call me/Text me or Email me NOW.  Whether you are PCSing this summer or next…you need to know your timeline.  I will reverse engineer your timeline…for example if you are PCSing here with an RNLTD of 20 August…we will need to ensure that you are preapproved and actively searching for homes NLT 20 June.  Wherever you are I can facilitate this.  I have solid VA lenders that I will recommend. LOCAL is key…someone you can text, email, or call. No automated nonsense!  Plus, I will set you up on a custom home search to meet your needs. We will go over expectations….what are you looking for?  Is it actually realistic?  Yes, these are hard questions, but you need answers to be empowered throughout the process and I will help guide you!  So much to do….let’s get started!  Call me 850-999-3889


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